Friday, December 22, 2006


This week I've been looking at tagging. I watched the 12 minute tutorial and thought what a great tool. There is so much you can do to organize your web stuff with tagging. And Technorati site was great for people who are into entertainment. Anybody who is really comfortable with the web and uses different computers would get great use out of tagging. I would imagine it would be a great tool in any kind of research.

I can't believe how far behind I am with the web. I am still in the typewriter days of technology. I write my thoughts for my blog on paper first so I can get organized. I don't think I could type without doing that first. I know many people who are further behind than me and I wonder about the future with such different levels of ability of the public in regards to computers. In the future will it be like the old days of having literate and illerate people only now it will be computer literacy. Which is another way of saying unless I learn more tagging is way too confusing for me to use.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Well, I'm on week 3 of this training class which is myspace. I've spent the first part of the week looking at different library myspace sites. I think its a good idea for libraries to have a site but I still think they are used by a relatively small portion of the library population so no matter how great the feedback is we must remember to find ways to communicate with the rest of the population. I enjoyed most of the library sites but would not use them for information.

I read David Lee King's blog about myspace library accounts and looked at the ones he mentioned and still don't see anything that I find easy about them. To me wiki's are easier to found out about things going on. Myspace is very social and I'm still not comfortable communicating that way. The "Myspace Rant" article had so very interesting points in it. Fear of the unknown and ignorance about new things is always a problem and probably always will be. Education is important to teach the new technology and how to have safeguards up.

I finally got my own myspace account with a little help from Melody.

Being older and not very computer savvy I understand parents fears with worrying about their kids being online and if they may tell the wrong person too much private information.

I am glad for the opportunity to take this class and do so things I never would have even looked at without being pushed.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Well, here's my second time at trying to do this on wiki's, I'm not for sure what happened but my blog didn't get published or it ended up on someone else's blog. Is that possible?

I loved the wiki for "Book Lovers". It was right to the point and pleasant to read. Wiki's such as that in which opinion or programming is presented instead of fact to me is the ideal way to use a wiki. I would not be comfortable with a wiki that claim to be factual.

I thought the "Library Success: A best practices wiki" was very thorough but I found the amount of information almost overwhelming but nicely organized. It would be easy to get side tracked if you were looking for something particular.

Not all the wiki's I looked at were appealing to me. Some just hard to navigate through them.

I can understand a library having a wiki, it is a great way to let people know whats going on, either for the staff or the public and to get feedback. It still has the drawback of only reaching people who are comfortable with computers and have access to them.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I guess I'm feeling a little more comfortable with blogs but I don't see myself using one for personal reasons, it would be work related only. I am still struggling with how to get on the right page I want to be on easily, it takes a lot of clicks to get where I think I want to be. And hopefully right now I'm on the right page or I've wasted a lot of time. (And I never do that.) Hopefully the rest of the lessons will be things I can figure out. I must admit I'm fearful of being able to understand some of the lessons. Thats why I've started early.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I feel ridiculous doing this blog, blogging is not my idea of communication. I'm a face to face kinda person but I'll give it a try.