Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Well, here's my second time at trying to do this on wiki's, I'm not for sure what happened but my blog didn't get published or it ended up on someone else's blog. Is that possible?

I loved the wiki for "Book Lovers". It was right to the point and pleasant to read. Wiki's such as that in which opinion or programming is presented instead of fact to me is the ideal way to use a wiki. I would not be comfortable with a wiki that claim to be factual.

I thought the "Library Success: A best practices wiki" was very thorough but I found the amount of information almost overwhelming but nicely organized. It would be easy to get side tracked if you were looking for something particular.

Not all the wiki's I looked at were appealing to me. Some just hard to navigate through them.

I can understand a library having a wiki, it is a great way to let people know whats going on, either for the staff or the public and to get feedback. It still has the drawback of only reaching people who are comfortable with computers and have access to them.


Robin said...

Yeah, it's entirely possible that your blog post didn't get published - but congrats on persevering and getting it done! I like your point about "opinion" wikis - that's a big drawback to the acceptance of wikis like the Wikipedia!

Bobbi said...

Karen, you're right wikis are the same as many website out there they can be hard to navigate through. It's something many designers don't think through. And of course they both the the same downside that anyone can create one and claim to be an expert. It's important to know your source.