Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The End

Overall I have really enjoyed this opportunity to take this course, some of my co-workers may be surprised to hear me say this as they had to listen to all my frustration during times when I just couldn't understand the lesson. Getting the map on my blog was really hard (but easy when Robin showed me how) other things caused much frustration. One thing I've really gotten better at is writing on my blog, at first I wrote on paper to get my ideas down but now I can skip that part. I also felt uncomfortable knowing anybody could read my blog but I figure outside of my "teachers" nobody else cares what my opinions are. There are things that I would never have even attempted if not for this class, namely myspace, and I doubt if I will ever use it but it was easier to join than I thought it would be and not the evil, dangerous site I heard about. I enjoyed the creative parts like flickr. I feel that at least now I have more of an idea what all these different things mean and why some people really like them. The creative things and bloglines are what I hope to continue to use.

As far what would I like to learn more about I'm not sure how to answer that. I would like to see either classes where we can ask questions when we are having problems or maybe a time scheduled for questions when the instructors would be available. I do think more time needs to be scheduled for doing the assignments, I have rushed through some parts that I would have liked to spend more time on. I am also behind on other things that I am anxious to catch up on.

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Bobbi said...

congratulations on finishing the program! I know sometimes you were very frustrated. Thank you for the feedback and suggestions we'll definitely be taking everyones thoughts under advisement.

I've really enjoyed reading your posts and thoughts about the program.