Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This week has been podcast week. I found some of the podcast selections interesting but I was unable to get them because active x control (or whatever it is) does not work on this computer. I had the most luck with yahoo podcast. The found "The Library Channel" on yahoo, from Arizona State University. I find it hard to listen close enough to get any real information from the podcast. I cannot listen to audio books or talk radio because I get distracted too easily. I would must rather read to get the information. It is also much easier to go back and reread something or slow down than listening to a podcast. I still see a valuable use for them and by all the podcast out there they must be popular for a lot of people. I did try to listen to some podcast on subjects that were more entertainment hoping it would be easier to pay attention, it was not. I did select "The Library Channel" to add to my bloglines. I do not think unless I have a very specific reason that I will very use podcasts.

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