Wednesday, January 31, 2007

google labs

I've been looking at google labs. I imagine the people at google have fun with that. I tried a few like music trends which was fun but I'm not for sure what the point is. I think Accessible search is a great idea and would be of great help to people who needed it. Picasa for linux also was interesting, but I like photos. I'm not sure what linux is and maybe picasa already exists for other systems(?). The notebook would be of great help to people search something. Page creator would be very popular I would think. I wanted to try it out but I also do not want a web page so all I did was look at it. I didn't get trends but it was interesting to search on things (I searched on winter, summer) but I have not idea what the graphs mean. I think page creator, music trends, accessible search and notebook will make it because of the uses a lot of people will have for them.

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